Commercial Kitchen Extraction System

A Commercial kitchen is a facility which is licenced for food service providers to prepare and store food, such as in a Care Home, School or University. Catering for large groups in a commercial kitchen generates a lot of heat and fumes. Health and Safety guidelines require employers to provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace, such as a commercial kitchen, to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Holgates install kitchen extraction systems across the North West. Get in touch

Objectives of a kitchen extraction system

A kitchen extraction system removes heat, fumes and grease from the surrounding area and introduces cool, clean air to ensure the kitchen remains a comfortable environment to work in.  Consideration should be given to the layout of the kitchen, the number of employees, the cooking load and the type of cooking equipment being used.

The ventilation system will need to have filters which are easy to remove for cleaning and replacement, to prevent the build-up of grease or fat from cooking.


Installation in Commercial kitchen


Canopy Hood for Commercial Kitchens

Holgates’ experienced mechanical engineers are capable of managing installations of a range commercial systems up to a project value of £200k and installed the ventilation system in this kitchen.  An island canopy was fitted, to allow the canopy hood to be as close as possible to the source of fumes and heat. Consideration was given to ensure easy access to the filters for cleaning or replacement. All gas ovens produce carbon monoxide during cooking, but this doesn’t have to be dangerous. The use of a Cooker Hood prevents carbon monoxide from accumulating.

If this oven had been positioned close to the wall, a back to the wall canopy hood could have been fitted. Contact Holgates

How much does it cost for a Commercial Kitchen Extract System?

Holgates Engineers are Gas Safe Registered and have over 20 years experience in the installation and maintenance of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Holgates will listen to your requirements and advise on the best type of ventilation system to suit your needs. For a quote, email and a member of our Customer Services team will be in touch.

Maintaining Catering Equipment

As well as offering a one-off or emergency call-out service, Holgates offer a Planned Maintenance Contract, with annual or twice-yearly servicing. The advantage of Planned Maintenance is that if any parts become worn, in many instances they are replaced before they cause the equipment to break down. This reduces the cost of emergency repairs and ensures that the kitchen can continue to run smoothly. Planned Maintenance can also be scheduled to be carried out at a convenient time, such as during School or University holidays or for Care Homes, before or after food preparation, to cause the least disruption.

To find out more about the Installation, Maintenance and Emergency repairs carried out by Holgates across the North West, you can contact our Customer Services team on 01704 880029 or email



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