Planned Maintenance

Holgates Planned Preventative Maintenance programme (PPM) is quite simply designed to save your company money and hassle by managing your all your facilities together more efficiently. Our experienced engineers know your site and visit regularly and have expertise in a range of equipment so we can plan a program of routine preventative maintenance ideal for your facilities.

Planned Maintenance Contracts

Planned Maintenance Contracts are generally for between 1-4 years with annual or twice yearly service visits. We can offer these contracts for portfolios of between 1 and 1000 buildings. Contracts are monitored by the use of agreed KPIs (key performance indicators) set by, and agreed with, our clients to meet their business needs. We hold regular contract reviews with our clients to discuss performance.

Advantages of Holgates Planned Maintenance

Keep things running at maximum efficiency

We can ensure your assets are running to maximum efficiency thus reducing waste energy. This will save money on your energy bill and contribute towards making your organisation more environmentally friendly.

Reduce breakdowns and emergency repairs

Regular planned maintenance includes checking for common faults and replacing worn parts before they fail. This has been shown to reduce costly breakdowns and emergency repairs by up to 75% keeping your business running smoothly.

Maintenance work can be planned at a convenient time

Planned maintenance work can be carried out at a time that is convenient for you, avoiding disruption and interruption to your business operations. In addition, because our engineers have expertise across a range of equipment, we can deliver maintenance on several items of equipment in one call.



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