Installation of an Unvented Calorifier at Southport School

What is a Calorifier

A Calorifier is a hot water storage cylinder suitable for commercial premises where a large supply of hot water is needed. A Calorifier which has an external heat source to heat the water, such as a boiler or heat pump, is often referred to as an indirect-fired water heater and those without a direct heat source are known as a direct water heater. 

Regular, scheduled maintenance is necessary to ensure that the Calorifier works effectively and efficiently, such as:


Check the temperature of the water in the tank

Regular monitoring of the temperature is recommended to prevent the build up of any bacteria. There is generally a low risk of the growth of legionella bacteria, but it can occur where the temperatures are constantly maintained at 20-45°. 

When Holgates Engineers carry out a service to a Calorifier, we raise the temperature of the water within the heater to 80° and keep the water at that temperature for one hour to sterilise the water and kill any germs such as legionella. Get in touch with Holgates to discuss your project


Check that the tank is clear of any debris

Ensuring that an unvented Calorifier has the lid securely placed in position will ensure it is kept free of dust, dirt, small birds or rodents.



Unvented Calorifier

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Ensure the tank remains clear of any limescale

In areas of hard water, limescale is formed when dissolved minerals such as calcium bicarbonate revert to their solid carbonate state, which can slow down the transfer of heat and significantly reduce energy efficiency. During our routine maintenance checks, our Engineers will disconnect the cold-water pipe feed and apply a descaling agent to ensure the base of the tank remains clear of any limescale. At the same time, our Engineers will check to see if there are any leaks in the system.


What is the difference between vented and unvented cylinders?

An unvented cylinder is a tank which stores hot water and takes its supply of water directly from the mains. If water pressure is low, water will flow slowly from a tap. Higher water pressure will flow much faster. An unvented cylinder will allow the water to flow from a shower, bath or tap more quickly and with greater pressure than a vented cylinder.

Another benefit of an unvented cylinder is the flexibility it provides when there are space restrictions in the property as there is no need for a cistern tank with an unvented cylinder.


Who can install or repair an unvented cylinder in the North West?

Holgates Engineers can carry out regular maintenance, a one-off emergency repair service or can install new unvented cylinders in commercial premises throughout the North West.

Our Engineers recently installed a new unvented cylinder at a school in Southport.

If you have low water pressure, have spotted any leaks within your heating system or would like to discuss the best heating system for you, please get in touch with our customer services team and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.




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