Maintenance of Air Handling Unit at Bootle Leisure Centre

Holgates Engineers recently carried out a service to the Air Handling Unit at Bootle Leisure Centre in preparation for the re-opening of the swimming baths after the third Covid lockdown.


What is an Air Handling Unit (AHU)? 

Air Handling Units take fresh air from outside which is then filtered, before the air is passed through to a designated room or area within a commercial building. The fresh air passes through two filters, the first filter removes larger particles of dust from the air and the second filter which removes smaller particles of air. The air can also be cooled or heated if required.

An Air Handling Unit is perfect for ensuring an adequate supply of fresh air in enclosed places such as a Hospital, Leisure Centre, Office Block, Hotel, Care Home, School or College. They are often installed to serve a specified area of a commercial building, such as a reception area, open plan office or toilet block. They can also be designed to remove the dirty or used air from a room and pass it through the AHU before being discharged back into the atmosphere. Contact Holgates to discuss your project


How is an Air Handling Unit different to Air Conditioning? 

Whilst Air Handling Units move air around a building, supplying clean air and taking away used air, an Air Conditioning Unit is designed to cool air by removing heat from the air outside. An AHU is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers, designed to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system.


How often should filters in an Air Handling Unit be changed?

As a general rule, filters in an AHU will need to be changed every three months. There are clear signs to look out for which would indicate that it is time to change the filter, which are:

  • The back of the Air Handling Unit is hot 
    • A clogged filter can result in the need for more frequent repairs and an inefficient system
  • Air which is usually cool is now warm 
    • A dirty air filter won’t allow cool air to flow freely which could result in the room reaching uncomfortable temperatures
  • An increase in allergy symptoms
    • Dust and pollen can linger in the filter and could eventually find their way into the room
  • A lot of dust gathering on the Air Vent 
    • If it is time to change the filter you will often see a build up of dust near the vent


At Bootle Leisure Centre, we replaced the 3 way valve responsible for regulating the air temperature and controlling humidity throughout the building. The pictures show the AHU located in a plant room which feeds through to the Main Swimming Pool area. 


AHU helps control humidity at Bootle Leisure Centre

AHU controls temperature at the Main Swimming Pool



Holgates regularly carry out maintenance and repairs to AHU’s across the North West of England, which includes changing the filter and checking whether the CO² in the room is at the correct level. Get in touch by phone on 01704 880029 or by email to discuss your project.





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